Rules of Link Building for SEO by Cyrus Shepard

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link building rules for seo by cyrus shepard - techseotricks

Are you confused about link building in 2014?

Are you aware of the link building rules for SEO?

These days, Google has penalized so many link networks, Blog networks, websites and businesses & people connected to those networks are getting affected badly in some cases.

Many big & small businesses hired some SEO agencies in past, and due to their bad activities they suffered manual penalties and still trying to recover from it.

People don't know about the rules and guidelines for link building, they are very scared and confused because of algorithm changes & penalties from Google and many of them have stopped building links.

But this is not correct. One should keep building links because links are still a great part of overall SEO process.

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Recently Cyrus Shepard shared did a whiteboard friday on MOZ and shared some fantastic link building DO's and DON'Ts to do in SEO.

Recent SEO Updates by Google In March 2014 & Their Impacts

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Recently, Google made an update which was noticed by almost every user i.e. new search layout display design for Google search results pages. 

Another update made by Google is now, Google picks up the most relevant title tag for any page according to the search query. 
If any page is ranked in search results, but its page title is not relevant according to the search query than Google algorithm picks up a new relevant title from the page content or it shows a part of the current title tag.

Update 1: New Search layout Display Design

How this new search layout design is changed and its impact on title tag length for SEO

Google's new design has increased the font size of title tags in search results, while the overall width available for the search result snippet remaining the same, which results in less characters showing up in search results.

how title tag appearence has changed after search layout display setting update - techseotricks

How to Get an Approved Google AdSense Account in 1 Hour

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how to get approved google adsense account in one hour - techseotricks

Do you know how to make money online from your website/blog?

Do you know how to apply for Google AdSense account?

How to make money with Google AdSense?

Do you want your content to be monetized by Google? If yes, then sign-up for Google AdSense and start earning dollars. Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks to monetize content.

It is not so easy to get an approved Google AdSense account. I have met people who continuously applied for AdSense but failed every time, and finally they left blogging.

Google approves AdSense request only if your website is receiving organic traffic through search engine and you are not violating any Google AdSense policies.

But whenever Google rejects any AdSense request, they don't give the exact explanation of why your request got rejected. It leads to so much confusion in website owners in terms of where their website lacking in terms of policies.

Specially, Indian bloggers suffer very much in this situation. Here we are sharing a trick about getting an approved AdSense account in 1 hour through YouTube monetization technique. I know it looks surprising, but it is true.

How to Rank in Top Search Results with "No Back Links"

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how to rank in top search results with no backlinks

Is it possible to rank in top search results with "NO" back links at all? 

Yes, you can rank like my article is ranking at position 2 with 0 Backlinks. 

From last penguin update, Google has reduced the value of back links in overall SEO, and links are not the top ranking factor anymore. Here we are sharing some tips to help rank your article in top search results.

SEO is totally changed if you compare it with 2-3 years back, So if you are still doing link building to achieve higher rankings than you have to change this.

Today, SEO is all about content, but writing high quality content is not enough, It should rank in top search results so that users can read it. 

So if you are writing high quality and informative content, but still not ranking well, then follow below tips and rank your content in top search results.

Example : How my article is ranking at position 2 from last 6 months with "NO" backlinks

Search Query : seo audit checklist 2013

Keyword difficulty : 51% ( MOZ keyword difficulty tool )

Ranking URL :

Amazing Things About Google You May not Know

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Incredible Google
Image : Mashable
Google is one of the awesome companies in the world and don't need any introduction. Here we are sharing some Amazing things & facts about Google you may not know.

## Google was founded by Sergery brin & larry page who were pursuing their Ph.D at stanford university. Their goal was to sell their Google search engine idea for $1 million to whoever is interested in buying but nobody turned up.


## Google homepage is the simplest and most powerful webpage. The reason behind the simplicity of Google homepage is due to the fact that the founders didn't know HTML and they just wanted a quick interface. 

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