How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO

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Have you ever heard about long tail keywords? Do you know what is long tail keywords? 

What is a long tail keyword?

Keyword with more than 3 words in a single search term is called long tail keyword. For example- "increase website traffic" & "how to increase website traffic" are two keywords where latter one is a long tail keyword.

Short term keywords are always high in search volume but ranking for those keywords is extremely tough. Whereas, long tail keywords are less competitive and easy to rank.

The quality of traffic is always better for long tail keywords as compared to short term keyword because the user intent is always very clear in long tail keywords.

Start focusing on long tail keywords. If you check keywords driving traffic to your website then you will notice that more than 60% of keyword searches are long tail keywords.

How to Increase Website Traffic by 200% in One Month

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Are you worried about low traffic to your website? Checking ways to increase website traffic? Well you are at right place. 

how to increase website traffic

Getting traffic on popular websites is not very tough, but what if your website is new and not getting any traffic. Increasing website traffic for a new website traffic for a new website is a challenging task and doing only SEO is not going to help much. You need to go out and tell people about your brand.

Here we are sharing ways to increase website traffic consistently which will create an image of your brand in this digital space.

HTTP Response Status Codes Best Practices for SEO

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HTTP response status codes

HTTP Response Status Codes?

Whenever search engines or website visitors make a request to a web server, a three digit response code is returned which indicate the response and status of HTTP request. These 3-digit codes are called HTTP response status codes.

These 3-digit numbers are returned by servers to indicate the status of requests made by search engines/visitors. The first digit of each of the 3-digit code begins with numbers 1 through 5. 

41 Points to Check in a Website SEO Audit & Analysis

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website seo audit and analysis
Whenever a website is not ranking in search results, following questions arises-

Is my website SEO friendly?
Is there is any technical, on-page, design, coding or any other issue present on the website?
Is there any other error in the website which is stopping it from ranking in top search results?

Figuring out the answers of above questions is not very simple. But, a website SEO audit can answer all the above questions.

Rel=Canonical Tag - Importance In SEO & Content Marketing

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Five years ago, Google introduced rel=canonical tag, a single line HTML code but really very powerful. Most of the webmasters are confused and still not aware of the use of rel=canonical tag & its advantages properly.

I was reading some article and I found out a few very interesting things about rel=canonical tag, so here I am sharing how to use and take the best out from this tag.
rel=canonical tag for content syndication in SEO

What is Rel=Canonical tag

Rel=Canonical is a HTML tag used on a webpage to Indicate Google about the original & master copy of a webpage.

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