Rel=Canonical Tag - Importance In SEO & Content Marketing

By: Bhavuk Khandelwal IN |
Five years ago, Google introduced rel=canonical tag, a single line HTML code but really very powerful. Most of the webmasters are confused and still not aware of the use of rel=canonical tag & its advantages properly.

I was reading some article and I found out a few very interesting things about rel=canonical tag, so here I am sharing how to use and take the best out from this tag.
rel=canonical tag for content syndication in SEO

What is Rel=Canonical tag

Rel=Canonical is a HTML tag used on a webpage to Indicate Google about the original & master copy of a webpage.

It is basically used to tell Google about the preferred url of a page to consider, when there are multiple duplicate versions present for the same page.

13 Link Building Mistakes that Killed Thousands of Websites

By: Bhavuk Khandelwal IN
Last week, I was looking for articles related to link building then I found a lot of articles regarding the preferred ways of building links for websites i.e. white hat link building techniques. 

There are so many high authority blogs like MOZ, Search Engine Land, Quick Sprout, Backlinko etc. sharing various ways & techniques to create external back links.
What do you think?
Is it possible to rank in Search results with No backlinks?

I do interact with people on different websites, blogs, forums, discussion boards etc. and I have found that after sharing so much useful information by industry experts and Google also, People are still doing activities that might be harmful for their website in future.

As Matt Cutts has said that natural links are better than unnatural, So we all should focus on building natural links. After all Google is doing everything for better user experience, So we should focus on users rather then search engines.

harmful link building techniques for website

What is the reason behind this? Are they unaware of the unnatural link building techniquesor they think that they can fool Google. Well, I guess they are aware of all the DO's in link building but unaware of the DON'Ts.

So I have decided to share techniques and things webmasters are doing which they should not do for the better SEO of their website. 

10 Ways to Increase Google Plus Followers & Boost User Engagement

By: Bhavuk Khandelwal IN
When we checked out the referral visits for many big brands we found out that visits from Google plus has really increased and continuously increasing. The SEO trends for 2014 are also changing.

Google plus has become one of the top social media website specially for business users. Google plus is not as popular as Facebook, still the number of monthly users for Google plus now reportedly exceeds 500 million.

Google started showing YouTube videos and Google+ posts in search results and this helps to your followers to find your Google+ posts ranking at higher positions in their personalized search.

google+ increase followers and boost engagement
If you want to increase your traffic through Google+ then most important requirement is to have a strong follower base and good user engagement with your posts.

We did a research around what other popular brands are doing on their Google plus to increase their followers & user engagements and we have come to following outcomes:

9 Rules of SEO Link Building by Cyrus Shepard

By: Bhavuk Khandelwal IN
Are you running any link building campaign for your website or client's website? If yes then there are a few things which you should know to make it successful and to improve website rankings in search results. 

These days, Google has penalized so many link networks, Blog networks, websites and businesses & people connected to those networks are getting affected badly in some cases.

In the greed of high traffic & search rankings, webmasters are using many bad link building activities knowingly or unknowingly which are ruining their website. Take a look at 13 bad backlinks techniques which have killed thousands of websites. 

People don't know about the rules and guidelines for link building, they are very scared and confused because of algorithm changes & penalties from Google and many of them have stopped building links.

How Title & Meta Description Update Will Affect Your Rankings

By: Bhavuk Khandelwal IN |
Recently, Google made an update which was noticed by almost every user i.e. new search layout display design for Google search results pages. 

Another update made by Google is now, Google picks up the most relevant title tag for any page according to the search query. 

If any page is ranked in search results, but its page title is not relevant according to the search query than Google algorithm picks up a new relevant title from the page content or it shows a part of the current title tag.

Update 1: New Search layout Display Design

How this new search layout design is changed and its impact on title tag length for SEO.

Google's new design has increased the font size of title tags in search results, while the overall width available for the search result snippet remaining the same, which results in less characters showing up in search results.

how title tag appearence has changed after search layout display setting update - techseotricks

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